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Create, enhance, benefit from & leave behind your own legacy in any realm of life by transforming your vision & mindset via psychological strategy & the System of Interconnectivity that both revamp your entire world.

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Create the Legacy You Want to Be Known For & Leave Behind By Transforming Your Vision & Mindset

The Program That Cultivates Your Legacy
3-Week Intensive Online Program

This Legacy Cultivation Program Is Only For The Few Who

  • Are ready to work extremely hard and ready to fail as they learn
  • Are serious to create, enhance, benefit from, and leave behind their legacy
  • Do not have hours to devote towards attending long seminars, reading multiple books, or enrolling in lengthy courses
  • Need concise training sessions that lead to quick strategies to create their legacy
  • Are serious about thinking and performing greater than most who ever walk this planet

Program Transformation

  • Learn Dr. HermanSJr.'s legacy-creation system taught to multi-million dollar companies, current and former law enforcement, universities, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, IT experts, artists, holistic health practitioners, underprivileged groups, and others across the world
  • Learn to see your surroundings (physical environment, relationships, work, and self) as they truly are
  • Learn to see and use universal rules of Interconnectivity surrounding you every day that govern the universe and your successes and failures
  • Learn to revamp your thinking foundation via short and precise sessions to incorporate interconnected systemic thinking and quickly see, think about, and navigate through issues and opportunities in your world
  • Learn to naturally see the foundations hidden within complex issues and opportunities that everyone else misses
  • Learn to decrease revenue loss, frustration, failure, limited success, and stress impacting you psychologically, physically, and emotionally

Program's Secret

  • Psychological Strategy
    • Teaches you how limited your vision and mindset are, regardless of how successful and intelligent you are
    • Teaches how you continue to miss threats and opportunities, regardless of how successful and intelligent you are
    • Teaches you to habituate psychological exercises to find the solutions you need for the legacy you desire
    • Teaches you to habituate the small and large-scale, simple and difficult, short and long-term psychological exercises that divorce you from your stifling vision and mindset so you are forced to see the world holistically
  • The System of Interconnectivity
    • Teaches you how the solutions for every complex problem in every industry surround us on a daily basis
    • Teaches you how to open your vision and mindset to see, learn, and use those solutions
    • Teaches you how the greatest "Solutions Architect" surrounds you every day, hidden in universal principles that rule everything in existence, e.g.:
      • The principle of resonance as it regulates managing pain, managing staff, strategyzing, increasing customers and opportunities, decreasing customer acquisition costs, increasing holistic problem-solving skills, practicing Parkour, enhancing relationships, developing and increasing the efficacy of non-lethal weapons, implementing marketing campaigns, decreasing employee turnover, creating influential rhythms in music, empowering your children for their future, and many more
      • The principle of fluidity as it regulates creating and maximizing study habits, enhancing crowd control systems, enhancing public relations between communities and businesses/law enforcement, becoming a best-selling author/filmmaker, becoming an expert communicator, decreasing speaking impediments, becoming an award-winning rapper/opera singer, and many more
      • The principle of imbalance as it regulates cultivating brain plasticity for continual learning, winning fights, succeeding in competitive intelligence, revamping your thinking foundation, enhancing your Body/Mass Index (BMI) via increased metabolism and increased muscle mass, fighting crimes and terrorism, enhancing your beauty and attraction, increasing students' comprehension and retention, increasing your IQ and EQ, advancing your business/career potential, and many more

Program Includes

  • Print copy of Dr. HermanSJr.'s textbook for this program (mailed internationally)
  • ~30 videos
  • Quizzes
  • PDFs
  • Audio files
  • Image files
  • One 1-hour personalized "Start Strategy" call with Dr. HermanSJr. upon start to guide your legacy cultivation
  • Two 1-hour personalized guidance calls with Dr. HermanSJr. each week
  • One 1-hour personalized "End Strategy" call with Dr. HermanSJr. after completion to guide your legacy cultivation

Program Textbook Highlights

  • Foreword by Dr. Ruben Lambert (Psy.D.)
  • Powerful and artistic book of only 150 pages with to-the-point lessons of highly-complex principles explained simply and practically
  • Challenging, yet not overwhelming, questions to cultivate immediate vision and mindset resetting
  • Dr. HermanSJr.'s second of two authored books to be accepted as material for university/academy students

Program Textbook Contents

  • Dedication
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Disclaimer
  • Mindset Resetting to Maximize Performance
  • The Beneficial & Notorious Power of the Mindset
  • Examples of Successes by Seeing Things Differently
  • Interdisciplinarity Reveals Universal Connections
  • All Is Interconnected Systems
  • Foundations of Various Fields
    • Clichés
    • Emotions
    • Patterns
    • Intentionality
    • Chopper Rap Music
    • Frequency Redirection (Pain Management, Fighting & Parkour)
    • Resonance
    • Everyday Interactions
    • Metaphysics
    • Unity
    • Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis, Linguistic Relativity, Whorfianism
  • Applying One’s Resetting to Real World Scenarios
    • Scenario 1: Chopper Rap Business
    • Scenario 2: Blocks, Impediments, Pacing & Speeding
    • Scenario 3: Cafes, Gyms & Libraries
    • Scenario 4: Business Logo
  • Applying It All to A Difficult Topic: First Language Acquisition
  • Continuing the Journey of Mindset Resetting
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Author

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Exclusive Privileges

No email list exists to sign up for; no updates on the program are sent out; this highly-exclusive program is only available to those serious and ready to work hard right now, and reap high-end rewards. Regardless of your current status, your legacy is awaiting you via at the end of this program's path - as long as you are one of the elite who will strive thru anything to cultivate your legacy.

Foresee Issues

Foresee Opportunities

See Thru Distractions

Obliterate Obstacles

Enhance Your World

Be The Legacy

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Schedule your 1-hour "Start Strategy" call directly with Dr. HermanSJr.

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Dr. HermanSJr.

A.A., B.A., B.Msc., M.A., M.Msc., Mpsy.D.

Global consultant
  • Multi-million dollar companies
  • Universities
  • Doctors
  • Current and Former Law Enforcement
  • Artists
  • Holistic Health Practitioners
  • Underprivileged groups
  • ...many others
16 global titles
+34 years of study
Harvard-published writer
Multiple media interviews across industries and languages
Two-time author
Multiple-University Instructor across the world

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Schedule your 1-hour "Start Strategy" call directly with Dr. HermanSJr.

Schedule 1-Hour "Start Strategy" Call

Create the Legacy You Want By Transforming Your Vision & Mindset