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Transform how you see, think about & solve problems by developing a mindset & vision powered by psychological strategies & the concept of Interconnectivity that surrounds you every day.




Join multi-million dollar companies, police, universities, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, artists, holistic health practitioners, and many others who transform their mindset and vision using psychological strategies and the concept of Interconnectivity with the Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr., the globally-sought-after consultant, Harvard University-published writer, two-time author, university instructor at five universities, expert featured in 25+ media platforms across countries, industries, and languages, whose program is undertaken by a global university certifying people under his name and program.

  • Learn how to see, think about, and solve problems holistically
  • Learn how to quickly see the foundations of problems within the mountains of distractions and superficial variables
  • Learn how to see, understand, and use the hidden, underlying, and universal rules of Interconnectivity that govern this physical world, the universe, and your successes and failures so you can see variables previously invisible to you
  • Learn how to develop a spherical vision (more powerful than a 360° vision) to view problems from the deepest, highest, widest, and farthest-reaching scales
  • Learn how to stop countless moments of frustration, limited success, revenue loss, and stress impacting your health psychologically, physically, and emotionally

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Transformation typically takes years, but Dr. HermanSJr. is famous for helping others do it without the lengthy and costly process that others usually push.

30+ Years of Experience

As a natural interdisciplinarian, Dr. HermanSJr. guides you with the entire spectrum of his vast study and expertise across businesses, cultures, fields, industries, and sciences.

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Immediately and properly start you on a life of practical mindset resetting
Bend, twist, shake, and break your thinking foundation
Show you things that were invisible to you
Force you to think in a way you could never think before
Force you to envision, create, and implement solutions that you previously could never imagine
Destroy your limited mindset via Interconnectivity and psychological tactics

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