Holistic Problem-Solving

Transform your vision & mindset by using the concept of Interconnectivity & psychological strategies to stop missing threats & opportunities.




Benefit from the same success multi-million dollar companies, police, universities, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, IT experts, artists, holistic health practitioners, underpriviledged groups, and many others who use the holistic problem-solving and psychological strategies of Dr. HermanSJr. to transform their vision and mindset by learning the concept of Interconnectivity.

  • Learn to see, think about, and solve issues properly via holistic problem-solving
  • Learn to see, think about, and benefit from opportunities properly via holistic problem-solving
  • Learn to quickly see the foundations hidden within complex issues and opportunities that everyone else misses
  • Learn to see and use universal rules of Interconnectivity hiding in plain sight that govern the universe and your successes and failures
  • Learn to stop revenue loss, frustration, failure, limited success, and stress impacting you psychologically, physically, and emotionally



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Transformation typically takes years, but Dr. HermanSJr. is famous for helping others do it without the lengthy and costly process that others usually push.

30+ Years of Expertise

As a natural interdisciplinarian, Dr. HermanSJr. quickly guides you thru the process of holism with the entire spectrum of his vast expertise across businesses, countries, cultures, fields, industries, and sciences.

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Immediately and properly begin your practical vision and mindset transformation
Bend, twist, shake, and break your thinking foundation
Show you what continues to be invisible to you
Force you to think and see in ways you never could have before
Show you issues and opportunities you never could imagine

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Holistic Problem-Solving
The System Of Interconnectivity