Academic Reviews & Interviews: Dr. HermanSJr. in Research & the Media

Dr. HermanSJr. continues to be featured on media platforms across industries & regions as an expert on resetting minds, businesses & cultures.

As a global influencer he brings others to the realization of the number one plane of systemic thinking that brings the greatest & most vast results to both businesses & individuals, regardless of psychological, sociological, language, or cultural barriers.

Dr. HermanSJr. has studied, taught & written on the trove of sciences which, when mixed properly, create a powerful catalyst to open, read & reset the mind of any business, individual & culture so to guide them in the perfect most effective direction & manner to increase performance. Whatsmore, this blend of sciences under the principles of Interconnectivity help ensure the resetting is self-sustaining & engaging so more improvement via continual resetting is desired & achieved.

Some Areas of Expertise of Dr. HermanSJr. Regarding Interconnectivity
  • Inculcating Profitable Systemic Thinking Into Minds When No Such Structure Exists
  • Resetting Systemic Thinking in Minds
  • Positive & Negative Psychological Effects on Resetting Minds
  • Interconnectedness of Frequencies in Influence & Nature
  • Positive & Negative Effects of Natural Frequencies on Animate & Inanimate Objects
  • Interconnectedness of Morale, Empowerment & Business Successes & Failures
  • Metaphysical Connection of Science & Influence (Positive & Negative)
  • Meta-Analysis of Influencing Cultures to Create Systems Conducive to Goals
  • Metaphysical Science in Resetting Minds & Increasing Business & Personal Productivity
  • Training via Subconscious & Conscious Methods to Permanently Transform Minds
  • Resetting, Reverting & Resetting Minds Again & The Effect on Such Strategies