Rise With Resetting: Resetting Leads to Profit in Multiple Areas

When businesses & individuals need to overcome obstacles they must change how they are doing things.

Example of Resetting Required - Businesses:

When employees are laxed, unmotivated & uncaring towards the businesses they work at, the businesses must instill an immediate & drastic company culture change that instills desire, motivation & care for the employees to succeed, & in turn, for the employees to succeed. The habits & practices of the businesses & employees must be changed by resetting the minds if the businesses are to survive. Otherwise, the change will be confined to the specific directions given by the businesses (operating in their current limited mindsets) to the employees. The change will not carry over into other areas of the businesses. By resetting the minds of the businesses & employees, other areas of the businesses will also benefit from the revamping of the thinking foundations, & this will be permanent, i.e. it will not be a change that is short lived & limited to only one department, one business process, or one business strategy. The only way to accomplish this on a permanent basis is to reset the minds of the businesses & the employees; the thinking foundations must be changed to be conducive to such a shift in practice. If not, this culture change will be far more profitable to the businesses than "Band-Aid ®" solutions, e.g. threatening employees' job stability, micro tactic/procedural changes to make employees work more or better.

Example of Resetting Required - Individuals:

When individuals are unable to affect their work and/or personal lives effectively in the areas & manners required then all their efforts will only carry them so far, if anywhere at all. Until they see things from a drastically new & heightened vantage point they will continue to fail completely, or only see limited progress in any area of their work and/or personal lives. They are missing issues that are leading them to perpetual limited successes & failures. Individuals who continue to function this way & strategize things differently will always only get so far because the foundation of their planning is based on a limited mentality, a handicap. Just as with anything in life, regarding any arena of life, any entity working with any degree of handicap will always & only bring limited results due to the limitation of the handicap, if any results at all. No results can ever be gained that surpass the handicap. For this reason, individuals who reset their minds are able to drastically reset their lives many times over. A revamping of the thinking foundation shows individuals the opportunities, strategies, issues, capabilities & skills that were previously invisible to them because of a mindset that simply could not see these things since it was functioning in a different, limited & debilitating manner.