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A Blueprint to Thinking Bigger, Deeper, Further & Wider
Using the Power of Interconnectivity for Your Success

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"I reset your mindset so you can see what you could not see, so you can do what you could not do.”
- Dr. HermanSJr.

Dr. HermanSJr. resets your mindset safely & quickly

This Course Includes

  • ~30 videos
  • ~3 hours of guidance
  • 30 minute personal consultation with Dr. HermanSJr. after completing the course to guide your perpetual resetting

This Course Will

  • Bend, twist, shake & break your thinking foundation
  • Show you things that were invisible to you
  • Force you to think in a way you never thought of before
  • Force you to envision, create & implement solutions that you previously could never imagine for your business & personal life
  • Destroy your limited mindset via interdisciplinarity & psychological tactics

Resetting Your Mindset

"Every block of stone has a statue inside it & it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."
- Michelangelo

“The maximum potential (sculpture) is locked deeply within everyone & it is my task (the sculptor) to ensure they discover it, & put it to use.”
- Dr. HermanSJr.

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Stop Missing Your Opportunities From A Limited Mindset

Failures, shortcomings, accomplishments are all had due to the cognitive capability of the individuals involved - that is it. Only when you can see positive & negative variables properly can you then strategize for or against those variables & succeed as required; when you cannot see those things you cannot strategize for or against those variables & all your efforts will fail, or achieve limited success at best. Only a resetting of the cognitive structure that guides your vision & ideas will allow you to succeed in ways you could have ever imagined.

This online course is the only one in the world that will help you break into your mindset & help destroy your old limited way of thinking via deeply engaging strategies of interdisciplinarity & psychology to install a completely new cognitive structure. This is accomplished in a small amount of time instead of the several years it usually takes. This coursework is used across the world by Dr. HermanSJr. when working with business executives, police, doctors, universities, students, strategists - anyone who must operate at the highest cognitive level to stay ahead in their industry.

Course Information
While this course dives into many fields, sciences & techniques used to reset your mindset, it does not go deep into every single one as that would take years to present to you; however, future consultations/trainings can do so. This method allows you to focus solely on destroying your current mindset so you can begin the process of resetting it & see the opportunities in your life that you could not see earlier.




“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
- George Bernard Shaw


Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"Dr. HermanSJr. exhibits unorthodox thinking & develops solutions for complex issues. I was impressed with his ability to see things from a wide variety of angles as well as the depth of each angle. Simply put, Dr. HermanSJr. is a Manager of Solutions. He is adept at designing & executing solutions for various issues, including logistics, efficiency, & organizational & group systems design & implementation. He is a true interdisciplinarian; he draws from a vast knowledge base & uses this base in effective ways to solve multilayered systemic problems. If you are interested in designing & implementing efficiency/solutions systems to move people & organizations forward, make an investment on Dr. HermanSJr."

- Dr. Wilfredo Alvarez, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Communications)



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"Dr. HermanSJr. is an original analytical thinker. He places great value on reason & on intellectual honesty. He expresses his views clearly in understandable language. In other respects, he drew up logical plans for my non-profit organization & gave good advice for designing its website."

- Dr. Michael Mautner, Ph.D. (Research Professor of Chemistry & Founder of SOLIS)



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"Dr. HermanSJr.'s expertise is spoken for across the world & across industries. Whatsmore, his phenomenal ability to inform, educate & guide people of various cultures in the most effective manner possible (as per their needs) is first class. I have yet to see anyone who excels at this extremely complex field & industry as he does."

- Mohamed Shedou (Business Analyst, Former Specialist: Office of Egyptian Consulate, Former Top Translation Vendor in Arabic, English & French for Top Legal Firm in Saudi Arabia [Al-Jadaan & Partners Law Firm])



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"I have never come across anyone who learns such complicated material as fast as Dr. HermanSJr. does, & who is able to use that material & explain it to others in such a layman's manner. He is absolutely great at what he does."

- Randy Krefft (Former Political Consultant)



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"As a Former World Cup Pro Catfisherman & current stock trading book author, I have always managed to do well with entrepreneurship. Now, after a very successful life where I have lived many of my dreams, I have long been looking to fulfill one more entrepreneurial dream where I can combine my personal passions into a fun & nicely automated financial machine. Dr. HermanSJr. used his psychological tactics to show me not only what I wanted, but also how to bring it about in the most effective & fun manner possible - exactly what I was seeking for many years. His expertise of resetting how people think is amazing. I wish I could tell the Wall Street executives, hospital administrators& stock traders I have dealt with for many years in my career to run towards this education of his. It is definitely something that would help pave the way for tremendous change in the industries across the globe."

- Vince C. (Former World Cup Pro Catfisherman with TeamWhiskers, Author [Stock Trading])



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"I have used Dr. HermanSJr. multiple times for business & self-improvement strategy consultation for years. His expertise based on the subconscious desires of my target audience & even based on myself (for those times he consulted on my self-improvement) still continues to astound me to this day. He uses such awesome psychological tactics to draw out my own business desires, even when I am unsure of what I want. He then always lays out in painstaking detail the psychological strategy I need to undergo in order to improve my business ideas, or to improve myself. He also goes to great lengths to explain the scientific concepts behind the strategy & the effects that will arise if I do or do not follow through with all of them. He also includes in this strategy any costs, time frames & even prospective contacts to assist me in any endeavor from his vast global network of associates. His enormously deep understanding of psychology & other sciences that help him succeed in his role makes him stand out from any possible competitors, but also contemplative thinkers."

- Lenny Moore (Writer & Interviewer)



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"I have always had an entrepreneurial mind which fortunately has led me to become a very successful businessman in multiple industries. I have used Dr. HermanSJr.'s consultation for a few years on different business ventures. Every tactic Dr. HermanSJr. creates for me brings a smile to my face, as well as more ideas & excitement for my businesses. He educates his clients on very detailed & complex sciences behind his influential strategies with ease so everyone can understand them. I am a long-standing client & will continue to be one."

- Steve Obregon (Entrepreneur, Retired Chief Petty Officer, Retired Navy Seabee, Former Public Safety Officer)


Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor) "I am an Egyptian Arabic language teacher & author getting my book published who also has a global fashion business. I used consultation with Dr. HermanSJr. to help build my business. He gave me great ideas for getting the book out. He also helped me with concerns on my fashion business's image & prices that were greatly holding my success back. He said I need to go against my first thoughts & recreate my business as a high end fashion company by increasing my prices about 500%-1000%, mimicking my high end competitors & restructuring my website. He took the time to explain the reasons & the guaranteed success I will have with these changes. He also educated me on very detailed scientific principles of psychology, neuroscience & atmospherics behind the changes needed. I am definitely keeping my relationship with him to help me make my dreams come true for my family & myself."

- Anne Elkest (Entrepreneur, Author & Arabic Instructor)



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"Dr. HermanSJr. has the ability to really listen to problems. He is able to help others find their deep desires & give them detailed strategies that focus on the psychological tools needed to make those people believe their desires are possible, & to help those desires materialize. He reaches people on an emotional level to change deeply rooted characteristics in a rapid manner."

- Tanuja Vyas (Search Consultant)



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"Dr. HermanSJr. has two major skills that should be more common than they are. 1) He keeps tabs on the details without losing focus on the big picture. 2) He communicates his knowledge effectively in presentations."

- Peter Sipes (Linguist, Polyglot & Latin Language Teacher)



Testimonial of Dr. HermanSJr. by Ann Elkest (Founder of Elegant Hijabs & Arabic Instructor)

"A vast solid education, a strategic mind & influential communicative skills are needed to help others attain the highest level goals they have for their businesses, or themselves. Dr. HermanSJr. is the one that possesses these characteristics & brings everything together via his proven & meticulous strategies."

- Robert Gramley (Corporate Manager)



Dr. HermanSJr. Synopsis


“Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them”
- Albert Einstein

"Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results"
- Unknown (erroneously attributed to Einstein)


  • Doctorate of Metaphysical Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Linguistics
  • Master of Metaphysical Science
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Science
  • Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts
  • Certified Ordained Metaphysical Minister
  • Certified Metaphysical Practitioner
  • Ultimately pursuing a second (secular) doctorate


  • Featured across 25+ global media platforms
  • Featured work & research continually requested by organizations, academics, researchers, influencers & students across the world
  • Continually featured on media platforms across countries, cultures, industries & languages as an expert on resetting minds, businesses & cultures


  • Psychological Business Mentor for Arab businesses all across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates
  • Psychological Strategy Consultant & Instructor for Moroccan universities
  • Psychological Consultant for India Police
  • Psychological Business Consultant for Multiple Beijing, China Companies
  • Influence Consultant for India-Dubai event “Entertainment & Football with Bollywood"
  • Psychological Influence Consultant for Navneet Publications' video series "Using Cybersafety to Stay Safe on the Internet" for students & faculty across Maharashtra & Gujarat - India
  • Distinguished Special Adviser to Founder Chancellor of Right Academy & Research Center (Mumbai, India)
  • Editor for TEDx presenter
  • Writer for TEDx judge
  • Editor for science of religion book authored by Harvard graduate
  • Expert for neuroscience publication
  • Instructor (Northeastern Illinois University - Chicago, USA) in subjects to develop critical thinking skills
    • Conflict Management: Establish psychological & physical climate for cross-cultural conflict management
    • Science of Religion: The relation of science (quantum physics, neuroscience, metaphysics) & religion
  • Guest Lecturer (CHM College - Mumbai, India)
  • Guest Lecturer (Birla College - Mumbai, India)


Take Advantage of the BETA Price

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It can not be changed without changing our thinking.”
- Albert Einstein

“Your performance in business & life is a process of your thinking. Your work & life cannot be changed without drastically & continually changing your thinking. I ensure you do so.”
- Dr. HermanSJr.

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