Holistic Vision with Dr. HermanSJr.

Intense & Interactive Psychological Consultation/Training that Revamps Thinking Foundations of Individuals & Organizations Across Countries, Industries & Languages

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Dr. Ruben Lambert (Psy.D.)
Licensed Psychologist | Zen Master (Korean Zen Tradition)

Dr. Chandra Babu (Ph.D.)
Founder Chancellor of Right Academy & Research Center

Dr. Wilfredo Alvarez (Ph.D.)
Director of Graduate Studies | Assistant Professor of Communications

Dr. Michael Mautner (Ph.D.)
Research Professor of Chemistry | Founder of SOLIS

Peter Sipes (M.A., M.Ed.)
Linguist | Academic | Latin Teacher | Publisher

Steve Obregon (A.S.)
Former US Navy Seabee | Former Police Officer | Entrepreneur

Vince Copple
Former World Cup Pro Catfisherman | Author (Investing & Trading)

Mohamed Shedou (B.A.)
Business Analyst | Published Writer | Blogger

The Most Intense Psychological Revamp Program On The Planet

Training: Individuals & Organizations

In-person & online for individuals, groups, multi-million dollar & small-scale companies.

Consulting: Individuals & Organizations

In-person & online to discover & attack foundations of highly-complex issues & maximize systems.

Holistic Vision Guidance Sessions

In-person & online guidance sessions for maximizing personal & business goals, & overall well-being.

The Holistic Vision Workbook That Revamps Thinking Foundations

Dr. HermanSJr.'s Holistic Vision Workbook 'Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You Every Day'
(All Sessions Available In-Person/Online)

2-Hour Training Session

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Week Training Session
(Three 2-Hour Days)

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Month Training Session
(Three 2-Hour Days/Week)

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Consultation Session
(2-Hour Session)

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Holistic Vision Is Like The Secret Skeleton Key To All Issues & Situations

Holism For Advancement Instruction

Holsitic Vision articles teaching solutions to highly-complex world issues using varying visions and mindsets.

Holistic Vision Videos

Classic and modern videos revealing Holistic Vision lessons and drills.

Pre-Holistic Vision Critical Thinking Book

First book of Dr. HermanSJr. to revamp thinking foundations via everyday symbology analysis.

Holistic Vision Guts Entire Thinking Foundations

Holistic Vision Forces Game-Changing Thought & Action